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JOHN RITTER is asking for your vote to WIN the PA-25 Legislative District seat.

MY GOAL is to represent our district at the State Capitol and to serve the residents and businesses in our neighborhoods.



Pennsylvania's 25th Legislative District includes about 60,000 fellow citizens within the neighborhoods of Plum, Monroeville, Pitcairn, Wall, East McKeesport, East Pittsburgh, McKeesport, North Versailles, Wall, Wilmerding; and parts of Murrysville, Turtle Creek, and Trafford.

For me.... home!

Our district has been served by a single approach for a good while. I am running as a candidate with the vision to move our district forward.

John Ritter's Three Areas of Focus:


I am focused on THE ECONOMY.

  • What is our current Representative's plan to get everyone back to work safely and quickly?

  • The current plan is Not Working; And the "extended unemployment" approach equates to "borrowing from ourselves". How does that work, exactly?

  • Silence is NOT golden. Coddling constituents in challenging times is NOT leadership. I HAVE imagination and want to get our region back to the work-and-reward model.

  • I've served as a Board Member of the Gateway School District for over eight years, helping to oversee critical business functions. Other area businesses will benefit from my application of a consistent, prudent, and reasonable approach.

  • Recall that our region boasted strong economic, residential, and industrial growth until the model of individual challenge was replaced with increasing government dependence beginning a few decades ago.


I am focused on the subject of EDUCATION

  • My immediate family of democrats, republicans, and independents has earned more than 25 college degrees and/or trade school certificates and have been solidly based in our region.

  • A large, diverse family offers the advantage of a wide, natural circle of voices - each respected, each appreciated. This also happens to be the proper model for a healthy educational environment.

  • I have personally paid off all of my college loans (a long time ago!).

  • John Ritter is a thought leader with vision:

    • John has served on the School Board for over eight years.

    • Named liaison to Pennsylvania School Board Association (PSBA) by the Gateway School Board.

    • John knows the Harrisburg education maze and understands that narrowly-focused groups may not always have our students and parents/guardians broader interests in view.

  • John serves on Health Level Seven (HL7), International's "Education Advisory Council" -- helping to provide education worldwide regarding health care information technology standards. John also co-created and taught certain HL7 Educational Tutorials and provided Ambassador Briefings around the world.

  • John is the principal author of the HL7 SHIFT (School Health Innovation Framework leveraging Technology) document -- educating all school health stakeholders on techniques for improving students' health, safety, and security.

  • John’s extensive knowledge of giving, receiving, and creating education via a professional and imaginative process is a bonus for our region.

  • John has balanced the abstract demands of community and educational requirements and the nuts and bolts of opportunities, budgets, contracts, and personnel.

  • John has the vision and practical experience that can benefit our local schools.


I am focused on the issue of basic COMPETENCY and CHARACTER

My list of community service (outside of professional employment) includes:

  • Gateway School District Board member and Vice President. Volunteer High School Head Diving coach. Volunteer High School Track & Field coach.

  • John illustrates his vision of service by tackling the tough issues of International health standards.

  • HL7 International (Health Care Standards Development organization) Fellow, Volunteer of the Year, and Ambassador.

  • Health Care Standards evangelist for Central and South America.

  • Founder, HL7 International Mentoring Committee (targeting outreaches to the continent of Africa).

  • Masters in Computer Science Applications; Bachelors in Computer Science; Bachelors in Health Education.

  • Keystone HIMSS Board of Director member and Advocacy Chair.

  • HIMSS Chapter Advocacy Roundtable Vice-Chair North-Eastern U.S. (past).

  • ISO Technical Committee 215 (Healthcare Informatics) U.S. Technical Advisory Group member (past).

  • National Day of Prayer, local committee member.

  • National Motto Group, local founder.


COMPETENCY: I was granted high-level security clearance early in my career. I have co-authored natiointernational health information technology standards. I am a joint holder of two health information technology patents. I am a former quality Athlete: a high school and college record holder. I am also a musician and produced a record album.

  1. Government

    • Government makes a poor master, father, husband, friend, or god.

    • Government can be a good servant, if vigilantly managed.

  2. Natural Resources

    • Minerals, energy, soil, water, plants, animals, sunlight, and time are natural resources that are good, but that can be misused.

    • One of government’s roles is to establish ways for people to manage natural resources well.

  3. Human Resources

    • Civility, chivalry, heroism, valor, gentleness, excellence, forgiveness, deference, benefit-of-the-doubt, hard work, nobility, commitment, honesty, persistence, accountability, fairness, kindness, etc., are positive human attributes and resources.

    • One of government’s roles is to promote, encourage, and protect positive human resources and to resist negative ones.

    • “Families” are one of our greatest human resources.

  4. Marriage

    • Marriage is good, as are many such institutions; but they can be misused.

    • Why redefine that which is good?

  5. Debt

    • Debt crushes people, businesses, and nations.

    • Bequeathing our debt to the next generation is a strange inheritance indeed.

    • Passing our debt to our children does not eliminate the debt.

    • We’ve unwisely dug a deep pit for ourselves, and then fallen into it.

    • It is unfair to expect the next generation to pay the consequences of our misuse of money.

  6. Alcohol / Marijuana / Gambling / Smoking

    • Self-indulgent pleasures can become self-destructive traps (that can hurt others, as well).

    • Why take the bait?

    • A gentleman should avoid such traps and, if possible, offer to help those who are trapped.

  7. Abortion

    • Aborting a baby hurts the baby.

    • It is wrong to hurt a person.

    • There can be no “right” to do wrong.

    • Roe-v-Wade and Doe-v-Bolton are currently the prevailing opinions of certain courts and of many citizens. Why?

    • Our Kids: Alive, Safe, Educated,… then employed. (Being disqualified before the contest begins, how can one run the race?)

    • (See John’s short story “Three Dreams” for insight into his rationale and strategy regarding those whom God created in His Image and Likeness).

  8. Firearms

    • The right of the citizens to keep and bear arms in defense of themselves and the State shall not be questioned.

    • One who hurts an innocent person should be held accountable.

  9. Education

    • It is a parent’s responsibility to feed and clothe a child’s body, educate a child’s mind, and train a child’s heart.

    • Certified, professional teachers help parents fulfill their duty to educate their children’s minds. Thus, teaching is a noble profession.

    • Education is also a business. A business must be financially sound.

  10. Liberty

    • Liberty, when unaccompanied by other virtues, degenerates into the emptiness and tyranny of “me, myself, and I”.

    • Liberty, under constraint and accompanied by contentment, is great gain.

    • One who is bound, cannot free others.

    • “True liberty” does not come from other people and cannot be taken away by other people.



Take Action

How to contribute to John Ritter:

Thanks for helping others hear about our desire to serve. Please send your contributions via check -- made out to "Monroeville Republican Committee" and add "Support for John Ritter" on the memo line; mail to “Fred Carlson, MRC Treasurer; 118 Monticello Dr, Monroeville PA, 15146.

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Thank you for your interest. If you have a question, concern, or would simply like to get in touch, please see the information below.

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