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JOHN RITTER is asking for your vote to WIN the PA-25 House District seat.

MY GOAL is to represent our district at the State Capitol and to serve the residents and businesses in our neighborhoods.

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Over 60,000 fellow citizens of Plum, Monroeville, Pitcairn, East McKeesport, North Versailles, Wall, Wilmerding, Turtle Creek, and part of Trafford.

For me.... home!

Our district has been served by a single approach for over 35 years. I am running as a candidate with the vision to move our district forward.

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John Ritter's Three Main Issues:


I am focused on THE ECONOMY.

  • What is our current Representative's plan to get everyone back to work safely and quickly?

  • The current plan is Not Working; And the "extended unemployment" approach equates to "borrowing from ourselves". How does that work, exactly?

  • Silence is NOT golden. Coddling constituents in challenging times is NOT leadership. I HAVE imagination and want to get our region back to the work-and-reward model.

  • I've served as a Board Member of the Gateway School District for over six years, helping to oversee critical business functions. Other area businesses will benefit from my application of a consistent, prudent, and reasonable approach.

  • Recall that our region boasted strong economic, residential, and industrial growth until the model of individual challenge was replaced with increasing government dependence beginning a few decades ago.


I am focused on the subject of EDUCATION

  • My immediate family of democrats, republicans, and independents has earned more than 25 college degrees and/or trade school certificates and have been solidly based in our region.

  • A large, diverse family offers the advantage of a wide, natural circle of voices - each respected, each appreciated. This also happens to be the proper model for a healthy educational environment.

  • I have personally paid off all of my college loans.

  • John Ritter is a thought leader with vision:

    • John has served on the School Board for over six years.

    • Named liaison to Pennsylvania School Board Association (PSBA) by the Gateway School Board.

    • John knows the Harrisburg education maze and understands that narrowly-focused groups may not always have our students and parents/guardians broader interests in view.

  • John serves on Health Level Seven (HL7), International's "Education Advisory Council" -- helping to provide education worldwide regarding health care information technology standards. John also co-created and taught certain HL7 Educational Tutorials and provided Ambassador Briefings around the world.

  • John is the principal author of the HL7 SHIFT (School Health Innovation Framework leveraging Technology) document -- educating all school health stakeholders on techniques for improving students' health, safety, and security.

  • John’s extensive knowledge of giving, receiving, and creating education via a professional and imaginative process is a bonus for our region.

  • John has balanced the abstract demands of community and educational requirements and the nuts and bolts of opportunities, budgets, contracts, and personnel.

  • John has the vision and practical experience that can benefit our local schools.


I am focused on the issue of basic COMPETENCY and CHARACTER

My list of community service (outside of professional employment) includes:

  • Gateway School District Board member and Vice President. Volunteer High School Head Diving coach. Volunteer High School Track & Field coach.

  • John illustrates his vision of service by tackling the tough issues of International health standards.

  • HL7 International (Health Care Standards Development organization) Fellow, Volunteer of the Year, and Ambassador.

  • Health Care Standards evangelist for Central and South America.

  • Founder, HL7 International Mentoring Committee (targeting outreaches to the continent of Africa).

  • Masters in Computer Science Applications; Bachelors in Computer Science; Bachelors in Health Education.

  • Western PA HIMSS Board of Director member and Advocacy Chair.

  • HIMSS Chapter Advocacy Roundtable Vice-Chair North-Eastern U.S.

  • ISO Technical Committee 215 (Healthcare Informatics) U.S. Technical Advisory Group member.

  • National Day of Prayer, local committee member.

  • National Motto Group, local founder.

FINALLY, REGARDING COMPETENCY AND CHARACTER: I was granted high-level security clearance early in my career.

I am a musician and produced a record album. I am a former quality Athlete: a high school and college record holder.

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How to contribute to John Ritter:

Thanks for helping others hear about our desire to serve. Please send your contributions via check -- made out to "Monroeville Republican Committee" and add "Support for John Ritter" on the memo line; mail to “Fred Carlson, MRC Treasurer; 118 Monticello Dr, Monroeville PA, 15146.

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Thank you for your interest in ritter for rep. If you have a question, concern, or would simply like to get in touch, please see the information below.

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